Sunday, June 14, 2020


Welcome to the Lindbergh Flyers Golf Blog! 

GIRLS GOLF Tryouts will begin on Monday, August 10th at 7:30am-10am for players interested in trying out for golf. We will meet at QUAIL CREEK GC  (6022 Wells Rd, St. Louis, MO 63128 - (314) 487-1988 on the first day!

IMPORTANT: GOLFERS should completed the 
GOLF ONLINE REGISTRATION for the team even if they are currently undecided. This will make things alot easier for us during the week. If you make a mistake, simply complete another one and we will use the one you completed most recently.

The COMPLETE GIRLS GOLF 2020-2021 CALENDAR is below this post, but dates and times for for the GIRLS GOLF TRYOUTS are:

MONDAY (8/10):  
7:30am - 10am QUAIL CREEK GC 
TUESDAY (8/11):  
7:30am - 10am QUAIL CREEK GC 
7:30am - 10am QUAIL CREEK GC  
THURSDAY (8/13): 
7:30am - 10am QUAIL CREEK GC 
FRIDAY (8/14):  
7:30am - 10am QUAIL CREEK GC 

(NOTE: 7:30am TRYOUT START TIME. We will beat the heat as well as the other teams at the course. If weather is nice enough, then we will always attempt to play on the course.)

Experience needed? No. 

Equipment needed? Having your own clubs is VERY HELPFUL, even if they are an incomplete set. If you are putting together one, include the minimum: a PUTTER, a WEDGE or high-iron such as an "8 or 9", a 7 - IRON, and DRIVER. Old BAGS are usually easy to find and you will need something to carry the clubs in. When looking at used in clubs, the NEWER models are EASIER to hit. Also, if possible, choose GRAPHITE shafts over STEEL shafts if they are new to golf. Steel shafts are metal while graphite shafts look like thick plastic. These are more flexible and provide a number of benefits to a new golfer. 

What should I do if we don't have clubs? If you do NOT have equipment, let Coach Tyler know on the "Additional Info" section of the GOLF ONLINE REGISTRATION but be sure to include if you are left or right handed

Transportation?  Please note that there is NO BUS to take athletes to and from the golf course during TRYOUTS as well as during the SEASON. STUDENTS are responsible for arriving to practice & arranging carpool rides with other team members. If this is a problem, especially early in the season, contact Coach Tyler and he will do his best to make arrangements. The early he knows, the easier it will be. Once the season is underway, schedules will be made to keep carpooling athletes in the same events. Please be sure to complete the GOLF PERMISSION FORMS so appropriate carpool arrangements during the season can be made. 

Type of golf attire needed? Proper golf attire is important. During practice as well as events, players are expected to wear a collared-shirt, shorts, skirt, or pants (no jeans/denim, cut-offs, or gym shorts), tennis or golf shoes (no flip-flops or high-heels). 

Length of REGULAR season? Our REGULAR season is 8 weeks long, beginning on AUGUST 10, 2020 (Tryouts) and ending on SEPTEMBER 30, 2020. 

How long are practices?  Depending if we begin on time (3pm), the speed of course play, or if we are practicing at the range, a typical practice will end at 5:30pm (Course) or 4:00pm (Range). 

How long are matches?  Depending on the speed of course play, matches sometimes take a little longer but EVERYONE is usually completed by 6:30pm. 

Question?  Answer. 

Be sure to check this blog and sign up for updates by sending the following text: @flyersgg  to the number: 81010   This is extremely helpful when changes happen due to weather or conflicts. Once the season is underway, group texts are sent directly to the players who are encouraged to copy, paste, and send directly to their parents to notify them of changes or updates.

If you have any questions about golf or the above information, contact Coach Tyler or email him at

Be sure to CONTACT the ATHLETIC OFFICE at 314.729.2400 ext. 1701  with questions about the 

following LHS ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION procedures: 


You will need to COMPLETE the following:

Lindbergh schools require that students have a valid physical (per MSHSAA standards) to participate in activities requiring a physical. We require those physicals to adhere to the following date standard: For the 2020-2021 school year, all physicals must be dated July 1, 2019 or later to be accepted as valid. Be sure to bring the PHYSICAL FORM as well as the Pre PARTICPATION FORMS to physical examination.

Required to be eligible for participation in high school athletics. Insurance and Medical information as well as Emergency Contact information provided by you will help in the event of an injury to your child.
RegisterMyAthlete is designed to streamline the process of student/athlete registration. You will need to UPLOAD the previous forms completed (Physical & Pre Partcipation Forms) as well as pay the LHS Athletic Activity Fee of $35. 

Helpful PARENT INSTRUCTIONS for RegisterMyAthlete

Below is the information found on the LHS ATHLETICS PAGE regarding registration:

If you have already registered your student for a sport/band in the 2019-2020 school year, you will just need to go in to their registration and update it for the 2020-2021 school year.  
All registrations for Athletes and Marching Band are done through Register My Athlete.  The instructions are below and the link is on that page.  You will create a login, make sure you print out the physical form and the 2 MSHSAA forms (complete the MSHSAA forms), take all three to the doctor when getting the physical.  Then you will upload those three completed forms (as one PDF document) to the registration.  Your students physical must say somewhere that they are cleared for sports with no restrictions.  THE ATHLETIC TRAINER WILL BE APPROVING THE PHYSICALS SO THIS WILL NOT SHOW COMPLETE RIGHT AWAY – ONCE THEY APPROVE IT – THAT SECTION WILL SHOW COMPLETE!  Then pay the $35 Activity Fee.
To pay the fee, when you get to that section, you will add your students name and grade and then click “Add to Cart”.  The Lindbergh pay site will appear.  Make sure that you are paying for an Activity Fee, which will appear in a column on the right.  You can click on checkout and proceed.  If you have already used the Lindbergh Online pay system (Rev Trak), you will not have to create a new account.  If you have not, you will have to create an account.  This will be good for all future registrations.  THE FEE WILL NOT SHOW PAID RIGHT AWAY – WAIT A DAY OR TWO FOR PAYMENT TO SHOW!
Physicals are good for 2 years!  If your student has had a physical since July 1, 2019 it is good for the 2 year time period. (This is for the 2020-2021 school year.)  They will not have to get a new physical this year! It will still have to be uploaded to RMA.   If your student participated in a sport last year, their registration and physical are already on RMA.  You will just need to go in and make sure the physical is still good.  If not, they will need to get a new one.  You will also need to update RMA with the 2020-2021 school year and the sports (or band) they will be participating in this year.  If they were not in a sport last year, this will all have to be completed new this year.  
As for the Medication form, if your student requires medication that they would need to carry, you can print it and have it completed and signed by the doctor and then upload it to the registration under the physical section.
With this system, we suggest that you have your students registration completed before Monday, August 3, so our athletic trainer has time to approve the physical and the fee is recorded.
If you have questions about “Register My Athlete” feel free to contact them directly at:
Email Support:
Phone Support:  435-213-1601